Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Photo Card

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Shoot!

So like I mentioned earlier... A few ppl put in money towards a photo shoot for Max. Loved getting these back from THE amazing Ashley Bennett. She has kind of decided to slow down on the baby photo shoots because they take alot of work and alot of time, but my Mother-in-law talked her into it. When I talked to her on the phone she told me It usually take about 2 hours if not longer to do a baby, and he was almost 3 weeks old already (she told me usually she likes to do them when they are like a week old so she can get them sleeping) she told me it would be a little bit harder to get him sleeping and in the positions she wanted him in so plan on a bit longer. Well let me tell you, she could not stop telling me how good he was and how content he was. I seriously lucked out on this little boy. And she did an amazing job and got some DARLING shots. Oh AND... it only took her an hour and a half! BAM! DONE! GONE! And I was DYING to get them back.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. (I may post every single one)

                                                            LOVE THOSE LIPS!!

                                    Im not sure why they are a little blurry.. anyone have a solution?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blessing Day

 Max was blessed on August 5, 2012. What a blessing he has been to our little family.
  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who holds and honors the priesthood and fulfills his callings, and who I know with out a shadow of a doubt will be the best example to our son. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing these two together and knowing I will be with them for eternity! I am so thankful for both of our families, and for the love and support and help they have all been.

For about the first 2 weeks after Max was born I was very emotional. Im sure it had a little bit to do with hormones, but I think alot of it had to do with the spirit that I was SOO full of. This little baby is mine, I am his Mother, I am responsible for him, He is so innocent, and mostly.. My father in heaven loves me soo much that he blessed me with this precious little soul. Those were some of the thoughts going through my head.

Just when I thought I was getting over all these emotions and all My sister stopped by to get our Waterton pass to head up there for the day with some of her friends. And of course i was in the back bedroom feeding Max and she came in with this.... bless her soul.

Yup you guessed it... after I read the first two lines I was in tears. Maybe I'm still not over all this hormonal stuff because I'm in tears yet again. Or maybe thats just the overwhelming feeling of the spirit I'm getting as I sit here and read that and have my little boy so peacefully sleeping beside me. What a lucky Mommy I am.

I love my husband, I love my son, I love my life.



I cannot believe my baby boy is ONE MONTH!!! Being a mommy is the ABSOLUTE BEST full time job in the world.. I could do this forever... wait I do get to do this forever! LUCKY!

Especially to this little handsome man!

These first few pictures are of him Exactly One Month old..

tried to get a smile... haha  HAPPY ONE MONTH MAX!!

Every Mom say they have the perfect child... but I really do, he is perfect in every way. I am tempted to post every picture I have but I would probably be banned from blogspot.com. I have taken more pictures in the last month then i have in my whole life time x 2! Im a little bit obsessed, but who wouldn't be. 

I have enjoyed every minute of the las month, and do not regret ANY of it. Or the last 9 months or the last just over 2 years. 

These two complete my life, to say the least. 

Brooklyn and Tara put on a baby shower for me here in Cardston, it was a hoot. 

My Mom, Macey, and Amy did one for me in Raymond, which was also a hoot. 

Max got lots of cute cloths.. which we have way to many of,and lots of goodies... (no not candy you crazy ppl) goodies to us for the next while would be diapers, baby toys, wipes etc. ( and we will be accepting donations for the next little while so get in line)  and he got a swing which he absolutely LOVES, and a few ppl gave money towards a photo shoot (which was probably my favorite gift). Here are a few pics of the showers.

This is the outfit i had him in for the Cardston shower...

   Great Grandma Sommerfeldt and Great Great Great Aunt Ethel

 Kate, Little Macy, Brook, and Macey

Great Grandma Alma 

  Me and Bailey Bennet!

       Tara, Brook, and Aunt Bonnie

 June Nelson and Mom getting some goods... with Grandma Sommerfeldt and Ethel in the back there.

 The Raymond Shower...

       The cute decorations Macey made.. how craft right?  LOVED THEM!

This banner is actually going in Maxs Nursery... to die for!

 YAY for friends!! Paige, Vance (just one of Maxs best buddies) Jaqui, Hannah, Holly, Jenni, Max,   and Me!

  Oh just some CUTE girlies LOVING maxy poo!

     And they Meet! Max and Vance!

Who said Best friends never fight... Vance looks sooo innocent.  

 Just visiting.

What an exciting month hey... Just wait its not over yet.

Maxs FIRST ever blow out... good thing we just walked in the door from being out and about, Brady got him out of his seat and was giving him some loving before he was off to go golfing... and to his surprise.... TA-DA!!

             What a mess.. Mommys first blow out on a new baby = poo all in babys hair! opps. I need to work on my technique for removing poopy onesies. It will come eventually.

                                         And in the bath he goes for the second time that day.

We LOVE clean "emptied" babys!!! 

                              Max Just haning out while Mom and Grandma Tanza bottle some beets.

                                                                Again... Love these two!

And last but not least.. Mom and Maxwell just haning out, as usual. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Longest post award goes to...ME!!!

Wow, the forgotten blog... Brady and I have been married for just a little over two years now. Time FLIES!! We lived in Edmonton for just shy of a year after we got married. I really enjoyed Edmonton minus the long drive we were doing just about every other weekend. We moved back down to Cardston the end of May of 2011. Bradys parents were house sitting for his moms parents, we bunked with them while we looked for a house to buy. We looked a a few and the moment we walked into our house I knew it was ours. We placed and offer and they came back with their low and BAM, we accepted.

Move in day was August 15, 2011. Its and older home and we have been having a BLAST doing some renos. It had lovely pink carpet and nice wood paneling. We started with some small renos, First thing on the list was the carpet in the bathrooms HAD to go.

On Halloween morning 2011 we found out there was going to be a new addition to our little family. We were pregnant!!!!! We later found out it was going to be a boy.  Wow,  were we excited!

I was the luckiest pregnant woman ever! No morning sickness, not heart burn no NOTHING!!! I have all the sympathy in the world for women who get sick. But just you watch.. my next one isn't going to be like the first one. Don't be hatin!

Maxwell Ted Beazer

3:00 am July 12, 2012 my alarm went off, up I arose to shower and get the rest of my bag packed to head to the Lethbridge Regional Hospital.

We left Cardston at 5:00 am to be checked in at 6:30. I was a week overdue and at my last appointment with my OBGYN I was not dilated, no contractions, NOTHING! After we were checked in up to the delivery suite we went. Dr. Adolph came in to check to see if anything had changed, nope nothing still. So we started with the gel at about 7:10 am, they hooked me up to the monitors and I laid there anticipating what I was going to feel, and how soon. I had no idea, I had never had a baby before!

For an hour we tried to get some sleep while we listened to our babies heart beat and movement. The nurse kept poking her head through the curtain to check the monitors and asked me if i was feeling anything yet, each time my answer was no. After the hour was  up she unhooked me and explained to us we were free to walk around the hospital to try and get things to speed up, but had to return every hour to check the little ones heart beat and my vitals. So up we got and walked... there wasn't a whole lot of places to walk.. basically to the elevator, and around the main lobby. We did that and every once in a while would go back to the bed and try to get a little sleep. Dr. Adolph was suppose to be back to check my cervix at about 12:30, still no contractions at this piont,  at about 1:20pm she arrived to check and anyone who has been pregnant knows how wonderful that feels.... 1 FREAKING CM!!!! OMG I COULD HAVE DIED. So in again she went with some more gel, and on to the monitors we went.  After the hour was up we were free to walk around some more. So we walked and walked and walked. My Mom arrived at the hospital at about 2:30 pm and brought Brady some lunch.  After having my cervix checked for the second time that day there was no way I felt like eating ANYTHING,  even just the smell of Bradys food made me want to hurl so I had to sit across the room from him. At about 3:30 pm I started having what I thought were contractions.. I wasn't sure, so Amy came walking with me and on the way back from our walk I had to stop and almost lay down on the floor. We made it back to where my Mom and Brady were sitting and headed back into the induction room to let the nurse know. She came into the room and informed me that Dr. Adolph wouldn't be back to the hospital until about 5:00 pm. So there I lay with contractions getting harder and harder with each contraction. By about 4:30 they were getting pretty bad... I wanted to see how long if not make it the whole way without the epidural, so I was holding off. The nurse asked if i wanted some morphine  to take the edge off, not yet I told her. At 5:00 I couldn't take it any longer, I gave in and asked for the epidural, she asked again if I wanted morphine because I couldn't get the epidural until they checked my cervix again and was at least 4 cm dilated, and Dr. Adolph would be back any time now to do that. Time was in SLOW motion. They moved me into the delivery room and finally at 5:40 pm my Dr. showed up to check my cervix... AGAIN!  I WAS A 3!!! O MY HELLO!!!  They gave me some morphine and Dr. Adolph was able to break my water then and boy oh boy.. was that ever painful! I dont think the morphine did anything but make me SUPER drowsy and made my legs SO itchy!  The anesthesiologist was in the OR and would be a while until he could get there to give me the epidural  so they asked if i wanted to get in the shower and see if the warm water would help with the pain at all. So in the shower I went, the water felt good on my back and in between contractions I was falling asleep, thanks to the morphine. While I was in the shower I felt soo badly i needed to push so i yelled at the nurse, "I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO PUSH!!!" Out of the shower I went and she checked to see how much I was dilated.. AGAIN! You guessed it.. still a 3! At this point I turned to Brady and said.. " I cant do this!!!" Finally 8:00 pm rolled around and the Anesthesiologist FINALLY arrived, the epidural was HEAVEN! If your in doubt... GET THE EPIDURAL!

 A few minutes later I was able to completely relax and an hour later I was at 5 cm, things were moving along a bit faster. Mom and Brady left to go get some dinner finally, while I was able to get a little bit of zz's. They brought me back a Ham and Swiss sandwhich from Tim's, and I wasn't even allowed to eat it until after our little one was here. They put me on the drip at about 10:20 pm to speed things up even more. At midnight I was 9 cm and the nurse said I would be able to start pushing in about a half hour. So at 12:30 the pushing started. After about a half hour of pushing the nurse told me I had to stop pushing and just Bare through the contractions because the Dr. that was to deliver my baby was at home in the shower... Holy I swear this world was coming to an end! FOR THE LOVE, GET HIM OUT ALREADY!! By about 1:15 Dr. Brown arrived and within three contractions our little Maxwell Ted Beazer was here Friday July 13, 2012, 8 lbs 6 oz. and 20 and a half inches long, safe and sound, and we were instantly SO IN LOVE!! He is PERFECT and it was all worth it.

And to top it all off he has been SUCH a good baby! Crossing my fingers he stays that way.

Yes he was born on Friday the 13th! Our nurse gave us the inspiration that it wasn't bad luck to be born on Friday the 13th because her husband was born on Friday the 13th and he has had good luck all his life, he has won the lottery twice so far. After we took all the pictures and little Maxwell and Mommy bonded skin to skin... best thing ever! I got in the shower and got cleaned up. I had a few bites of my sandwhich finally and they sat me in the wheelchair at around 3:00 am to move me to my room  and up came my sandwhich, so much for eating. By the time we got settled in our room it was 3:30, by 3:45 Brady was out cold and Mom and I tried to sleep. The nurse came in a 5:00 am to bath little Max, he was not too impressed with that. Visitors started coming at about 9:00 am and the little guy got alot of attention!!

Told ya it would be long!! Hope you enjoed it!

                 Bath time... He was not a fan, especially since it was 5:00 am and he was sound asleep.

                                                       Tiny little hands and feets!!

                                                              Some of our Visitors!!!

                                                             All Ready to go home! Yay!
                      Stopped in Raymond to meet Great Grandma Alma! We LOVE her to bits!!

 Great Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ted Sommerfeldt.. This is where Max gets his middle name.